Theme Urban Form and Human Behavior
Theme Sustainable Urbanism
Theme Community and Housing Studies
Theme Emergent Urban Transformations

Urban Environments and Social Life
Research Platform

Mission Statement:

CIVITAS ATHENAEUM LABORATORY (CAL) IS CONCERNED with the contemporary and future urban condition, development, planning, design, and the urban form and placemaking processes of the city.

CAL LAB ADDRESSES the central role of urban planning and design in urban environments and social life.

More Specifically, THE CAL LAB EXPLORES the challenges facing our metropolitan cities and regions in the achievement of a more sustainable, resilient, livable and just urbanism.

CAL LAB PERFORMS as a link between the research resources at the school and the wider professional practice community and the public. Our communication is done through research, education, symposia, debates, conferences, exhibitions, and publications.

CAL LAB's INVESTIGATIONS comprise stringent scholarship as well as practical relevance and implication.