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CAL - Civitas Athenaeum Laboratory (Applied Social Science Research Laboratory), KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, ABE - School of Architecture and the Built Environment, c/o Dept. of Urban Planning & Environment, Drottning Kristinas väg 30 (L-Huset), Plan 1, 11428 Stockholm, Sweden. Contact: KTH Main Number: +46(0)8790 6000 or CAL Director: +46(0)8790 8504 or Email: or FAX: +46(0)8790 6761 or CAL Lab Internet Webpage:

During Summer & Winter Months: July and August and December and January News & Activity on CAL Page will be down to a minimum.

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Visiting Scholars at CAL Lab

Under Special Conditions CAL can invite academics, scholars, and researchers from around the world, especially from our partner universities and strategic partners in academia and practice in search of an intellectually stimulating environment to become a CAL Visiting Scholar (faculty members on sabbatical leave, post-doc researchers and professionals holding a PhD degree or PhD students/fellows who have advanced to the final stages of their work).

The conditions are that the work is typically directly tied to an ongoing project in CAL, and that there is (A) a commitment from one senior researcher to act as a host and a supervisor if a visitor is a PhD Student, (B) a commitment from their home environment in the form of full financing for the duration of the stay which cannot be longer than 3 months (in case of Fulbright Scholars it can be longer) and (C) that all KTH and ABE School rules and regulations concerning visiting scholars are fulfilled.

CAL Lab and its 4 research themes program would provide a platform for Guest Scholars to interact, expand their research interests, and actively engage with the community of scholars at the urban and regional division as well as the School of Architecture and the Built Environment at KTH. Guest or Visiting Scholar appointments are usually for 3 months to up to a year (Fulbright), with no extensions possible. By becoming a Civitas Athenaeum Laboratory Guest Scholar, one agrees to become an active participant (not passive) in all the activities in the Lab during her/his stay.

CAL Lab reserves the right to decide on all applications as it deems fit. Guest Scholar Program is not in any way a kind of employment nor it is a guarantee for any future work/job at the CAL Lab or at KTH for that matter. For more information (and before sending any applications) please contact the Director of CAL Lab Dr. Tigran Haas first at:

All applications have to be confirmed (if accepted) by the CAL Lab Director, Head of Department and Dean of the ABE School.