Community and Housing Studies

KTH Vetenskap Och Konst

Provision of adequate, just, dignified but also ecologically and socially sound housing, integrated into all systems in the urban realm plays an important role in the Lab’s research. Aside from issues connected to urban form and planning, we also look into the role residents and citizens should and could play in determining the urban quality of their dwelling condition in a contemporary and ever changing democracy. Community and social sustainability are a strong focus of our investigations. The physical design of communities to promote social sustainability is important but not the only element.

New visions for neighborhood housing redevelopment should support a human, economic, social and cultural recovery and renewal.  The systems and processes that we put in place to achieve these ends can be thought of as the “soft infrastructure” of the community. This includes formal societal services and institutions as well as the community’s informal structure, a unique and context specific web of voluntary organizations and social relationships. The research also looks into the phenomenon of the transformation in society and its direct impact in the physical realm, primarily that of the Aging Society and the adaptation of our communities and neighborhoods towards independence for life as well as the study of the phenomenon of empty and shrinking cities. CHAIR of Theme: Dr. Inga-Britt Werner, Professor

Image Credit: Empuriabrava town on the coast of Girona, the Costa Brava in Spain. February 2014. Courtesy of Lloret de Mar 2008 Residential Properties Russia for Empuriabrava and Spain.